Choosing The Right Bathroom Remodel Tile Patterns and Colors

The pattern and colors you choose for your bathroom tile can really affect the tone of the whole room. You need to spend some time considering your options when you are making a choice of bathroom remodel tile patterns and colors. How much traffic does the area get? What is the existing decor like?

bathroom remodeling tilesBy answering these questions, you can make sure that you choose the right tile for your bathroom. Tile can be a very attractive and durable material for your bathroom decor, and by picking out a great pattern in the right color, you can make the whole room seem more appealing.

The size of your bathroom is an important consideration when you are looking at tile patterns and the choice of colors that are available. In a smaller room, light-colored tiles can make the space seem larger. These are good choices for smaller guest bathrooms or for a narrow room. A larger bathroom, such as a master bath, may look better with darker, richer hues, such as chocolate or dark blue.

For your bathroom counters and walls, glazed ceramic tiles that are stain-resistant are a good choice. Since these areas tend to be exposed to a lot of moisture, you want to make sure that you choose durable tiles that will not be damaged easily. For your bathroom floor, porcelain tiles can be a good choice. These durable tiles are resistant to scratches.

Using a color wheel can be a good way to pick out different colors for your bathroom. What sort of mood do you want to create? If you would like to create an exciting, vibrant feel, pick out colors that are opposite each other on the wheel. If you would rather have a soothing, relaxing bathroom, choose colors that are adjacent on the wheel. Matching tones help to create a peaceful atmosphere in a room.

Different textures used on different surfaces can help create a more interestingly varied tone in your room. If your bathroom tends to get a lot of foot traffic, choose tiles that have a mottled or variegated pattern. This will help to conceal any dirt or grime that is tracked in.

Terrazzo tiles that have embedded chips of marble or stone can also help to conceal any dirt and make for an attractive multicolored tone. Creams, tans, and browns are good choices for bathroom floors that are walked on frequently. Using whites or grays in an interesting pattern can be another good choice.

The tiling in your bathroom can be a major part of the decor. Choose colors that stand out for the walls or counters. These will help to focus your attention and can function almost like a work of art that hangs on the wall.

Choosing the right bathroom remodel tile patterns and colors is an important part of decorating your home. A bathroom may be functional, but it also needs to be attractive. Keep these guidelines in mind when you are picking out tile.